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Fresh Fruit

Discovery Call

15 minutes


An opportunity to discuss your concerns and learn more about the service

Initial Consultation

1 hour


Virtual or face to face.  Consultations take place in my Weybridge clinic or in your own home.   

Review Meeting

30 minutes -£80

45 minutes - £120

Useful to monitor improvements in symptoms, adjust actions plans and offer support and encouragement

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I am able to advise on a range of nutrition-related concerns for young people of different ages including:

School Age

  • Picky or selective eating

  • Underweight/ Overweight

  • Food allergy

  • Behavioural food issues

Children in School


  • Dieting concerns

  • Disordered eating

  • Sports nutrition

  • Food intolerances

Lunch Break


Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Supporting parents to manage nutrition concerns

  • Managing Eating Disorders

  • Vegetarian & vegan diets

  • Family mealtimes

Special interests

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Aversive Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)

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Nutritional management of ADHD

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Sensory food issues in Autism (ASD)

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in adolescents

Working with schools

Advice for parents and teachers on managing pupils with eating difficulties at school.  

Experienced working with 

  • Private day and boarding schools

  • State primary and secondary

Eating Disorder Advice for teachers
Picnic After Camping


Access to quality healthcare for all is something I am passionate about. 

I work pro bono for local charities assisting families at risk from food insecurity. 

If you have a project you would like me to consider, please contact me directly.

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