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Fresh Fruit

Currently offering remote consultations

Please contact Jacqueline to discuss in person consultations in your home in Surrey

Discovery Call

15 minutes


An opportunity to discuss your concerns and learn more about the service

Initial Consultation

1 hour


This full assessment will cover medical considerations, dietary preferences and intake as well as general lifestyle and routines that we can affect the way we eat and leave you with a plan.

Review Meeting

30 minutes -£80

45 minutes - £120

Useful to monitor improvements in symptoms, adjust actions plans and offer support and encouragement

I work with some private health insurers. Please contact for further details. 

Working with schools

Advice for parents and teachers on managing pupils with eating difficulties at school.  

Experienced working with 

  • Private day and boarding schools

  • State primary and secondary

Eating Disorder Advice for teachers
Picnic After Camping


Access to quality healthcare for all is something I am passionate about. 

I work pro bono for local charities assisting families at risk from food insecurity. 

If you have a project you would like me to consider, please contact me directly.

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